Water Those Women!

Water Those Women! will be a lively spoken word show featuring two seasoned writers and performers: Sue Allen and Laura Grevel. Sue and Laura have applied to perform this show at the Edinburgh Fringe 2020.  This show will take you on a journey across continents and emotions using poetry, humour, theatre and song to explore what it is to belong, what it is to traverse this thing called life.

Sue performs Talking Elephants: Unpacking the Pachyderm, exploring the unintended consequences of the unsaid. Sue will invite her audiences to name the elephant each of us brings into every room we enter—using an entire herd of elephants to explore social taboos around death, life, loss and recovery.

Laura performs Fierce Barefoot Love: an Immigrant’s Tale leading the audience on a wild tromp through Texas, Mexico, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and England, revealing the daily surprises, gifts, grief and challenges of cultural integration and the life of the immigrant in today’s world.